President Message

The focused of Ibni Sina Medicine Co. Ltd is to become a company that can make the lives of local community more enriching and worry-free through importing international standard medicine to Afghanistan from internationally recognized pharmaceutical companies to serve the nation.
Ibni Sina Medicine Ltd is a dynamic company driven by the unwavering belief in its original ideology being the combination of flexibility, speed and innovative spirit of an ever changing team with strength, security and integrity. Its distinctive focus on providing Quality medicines for its clients. With more than 13 years of experience in providing high quality
healthcare products to its customers, Ibni Sina Medicine Ltd is known for supplying reliable and high quality medicine and medical equipments in all over Afghanistan. Ibni Sina Medicine Ltd keeps in mind your needs and requirements and ensures expeditious supply of its products to its customers in all over Afghanistan.
Mr. Muhammad Sabir Karger
Ibni Sina Medicine Co. Ltd